Extreme Recycled, 2004-08
In the series "Extreme Recycled," I continue to work with different types of used oil and acrylic paint recycled from my old paintings. Some of the paint is in the form of thin membrane-like sheets that I have carefully pealed off canvases. Some of the paint is old paint that I have squeezed out of tubes and left to stabilize, before scraping it off canvases. Some of the paint is residue from paintings that I washed in a washing machine. I collected the residue and then formed it into wads or ground it with oil into new paint. I have attached the used paint onto wooden boxes with glue or new paint to make new paintings.

These are paintings about paint, exploring the physical properties of paint and paintings. At the same time, they are an attempt to reinvent abstract painting for myself by making paintings that are both abstract and conceptual in nature.