Look at My Dress, 2003
"Look at My Dress" (4:23) is one of three video projects about cultural identity. In "Look at My Dress," a pair of barefoot feet dances eagerly for a circle of colorful creatures made out of rubber bands. The feet are trying hard to entertain and interact with their audience, but no matter what the feet do they seem unable to get any real response. The dancing is good-natured but clumsy, and the feet inadvertently step on some of the rubber band creatures. Towards the end of the dance, the feet give up on trying to dance with the rubber band creatures and trying to stay inside the circle. At one point the feet even seem to stop trying to avoid stepping on the rubber band creatures; they dance alone and gently kick the circle trying to get rid of it. The feet dance outside the circle, but then return to the circle, only to leave again.