Red Thread, 2004
"Red Thread" (5:00) is a video project based on an installation and performance that I presented in April 2002 at Pumpestation in Copenhagen, Denmark. The original installation was called "Evidence of Dreaming I" (see "Installations" in menu). In "Red Thread," I have developed my earlier performance for video. In the video, I build a tower out of the objects in my art studio, climb on top of it and sit sewing a thick tumor-like red line on a series of worn bed sheets. This video gives a behind-the-scene look at the process of putting together an installation and performance, and points out the importance of having an audience.

In my most recent video projects, I have been using obsessively transformed or handmade objects as the subject of each video in an attempt to juxtapose the different media and memorialize the idea of the artist working with tactile materials.