India is Wise, 2005
"India is Wise" (5:00) is a video project that was started in 2003 and completed in 2005. Originally, the book used in this work was a book of Hindu prayers and inspirational writings in Hindi and English, compiled by an Indian housewife, Chandra Rampuria, in 2002. After reading the book many times, I have eradicated all of the English text and made each page into a visual artwork that includes the Hindi text. In the video, I show the transformed pages of the book together with street scenes from Northern India. The sound for the video is a mixture of sounds recorded in my studio, my voice reading one of the Hindu prayers, and sounds recorded in Northern India.

In my most recent video projects, I have been using obsessively transformed and handmade objects as the subject of each video in an attempt to juxtapose the different media and memorialize the idea of the artist working with tactile materials. In "India is Wise," I introduce an additional element by refering to the inspiration for the video and including images and sound recorded in Northern India.