Evidence of Dreaming II, 2002
"Evidence of Dreaming I and II" is a two-part installation dedicated to my mother and father, respectively. It was originally created for a group exhibition at Pumpestation in Copenhagen in April 2002 where the theme of the exhibition was different types of space. I chose to explore the idea of psychological space. To do that, I created a space that represented my relationship with my mother in one room and a space that represented my relationship with my father in another room.

"Evidence of Dreaming II "is about my relationship to my father. In this part of the installation at Pumpestation, I used a small, dark shed-like room under a staircase. The room has crude shelves and sixteen large cubbyholes that suggest a workbench or tool area in the basement of a suburban home. I filled the space with poetic objects that told a mysterious and contradictory story: there were signs of violence and destruction, as well as warmth and humor. Delicate pod-like sculptures were hung like empty cocoons among pieces of a shipwrecked boat, and small aboriginal-like paintings on pieces of wood. Quotations about place, identity and memory were displayed together with unraveled videotape (a video that I made of my father that did not succeed in showing anything about him), family photographs and driftwood covered in wax. A white line drawn with chalk connected the pieces of the dream like a treasure map.